Why I Love What I Do!

Today i worked with two incredible ladies (who happen to be sisters).

What they wanted to achieve from the sessions was totally different. The first one wanted to achieve more sleep as she felt it affected her whole life. She felt that because she slept badly that she ate badly (think sugary sweet junk).

She wanted to “feel” happier and more positive. We used kinesiology and the Body Code Technique which showed up some amazing problems and misalignments in the body It showed she had an energetic physical disconnection with her body that was trapped in her patella. She was amazed because she has felt a lot of discomfort and pain in her right knee for a number of years now. There is no “physical” problems with her knee as it has been checked by x-ray and ultrasound at least twice.

There was another issue revealed and that was an inherited trapped emotion of frustration. The emotion was revealed as coming from her father. The client was blown away by this as she had felt that her father had always felt frustrated in his life. We released these trapped problems and then used kinesiology to determine what doTERRA Essential oils would support her quest for being “happier and more positive”.

This showed up as Wintergreen, Oregano and Frankincense. 

If you read up on the properties of Wintergreen you will find this is perfect oil for her!

Just reaffirms to me that the subconscious mind knows everything about us.