Inner Peace!

I worked with a client on 20th June for various issues and generally negativity and unhappiness. I sent her a text message the following day to see how she was travelling. Towards the end of the session we did kinesiology on what doTERRA oil or oils would support her healing, the number of drops and whether it should be diffused or applied directly to the body. The oils that surfaced were: Oregano, Thyme and Lemongrass.

The emotions books talks about Oregano as the Oil of Humility & Non-Attachment. We both read the first sentence and just burst into laugher because it was so fitting to the things that were going on in her life. “Oregano cuts through the fluff of life and teaches individuals to do the same.”

I love how empowering these techniques are for my clients and for myself.

This is her reply:

Hey Di! OMG I was so tired last night and slept so deeply. I feeling amazing today, light and happy and an inner peace I don’t ever recall feeling. I’ve had a few scenarios come at me in the last 24 hours and when reflecting found myself questioning why I didn’t get angry or anything negative. It’s a very weird but soul pleasing response and I hope it doesn’t “wear off”. Thank you for coming into my life! I can’t wait to start using my “healing” oil!