About Me

diwest-snapMy name is Di West and I am a mindcoach! Mind coaching allows you to reach your full potential by training the most powerful tool you own. Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind allows you to achieve financial freedom, heal your body, change habits easily, empower your children to greatness, reduce stress in your life, make your business successful, get employed in a job you love, achieve the scholastic results you want and rid yourself of lifelong fears and phobias.

I have been extensively trained in clinical hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and many various modalities to help you work with your subconscious mind to change and improve your life.

After working in corporate employment for many years and seeing people “burn out” and become sick I decided to investigate why all those around me were getting having problems in their lives. I turned to the study of the mind.

I have attended many personal development programs with people such as Anthony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey etc. I have read hundreds of books by authors such as Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn and Deepak Chopra and I concluded that everything you see feel and experience has a profound effect on your subconscious mind.

I have taken all my learning and developed a number of programs that work with your subconscious mind to make profound changes in attitude and how you relate to those around you.

Areas where mind coaching has been very successful:

  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, chocolate, nail biting etc.
  • Allergies
  • Anger Issues
  • Migraines and general headaches
  • Weight Control
  • Quitting Cigarettes permanently – THIS PROGRAM FULLY GUARANTEED FOR LIFE
  • Depression & Grief
  • Behavioural problems in children
  • Anti-social behaviour in adults
  • Asthma & Bed-wetting
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Self-esteem & self-confidence issues
  • Athletic performance
  • Fertility & child birth pain control
  • Dealing with cancer issues, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, preparing for surgery
  • Terminal Illness

Plus any other issue that is holding you from achieving what you want and living a fulfilling and happy life.