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Freedom from Cancer
Thank goodness the cancer has now left my body. These are the words you will be using regularly when you purchase this track. There have been many studies that conclude that your attitude towards your cancer has a big effect on the survival rate. Thinking in a manner as if your body is ALREADY free of cancer has shown that it is easier to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, remission periods of considerably longer and using the power of the mind some cancers can even be completely cured in certain cases. This track is designed to have you return your DNA to it's original healthy state.

Freedom from Migraines & Headaches
Headaches and Migraines are one of the most debilitating health issues facing many people. They start suddenly and makes you feel miserable. Until you have been a migraine or constant headache sufferer you are unable to understand why people can't just "soldier on" through the discomfort. This track is designed to show you how to train your brain to release the chemicals that will prevent headaches and migraines even starting. You will find relief from your headaches and migraines by listening to this track regularly.

Freedom from Alcohol
Excessive or binge drinking can lead to many personal and social problems. If you are feeling the effects of alcohol on your life, your family, your work situations or just feel you would like to break the hold alcohol has over your, then this track is designed to remove the desire for alcohol and the sense of illusion it creates for you.

Stress Reduction
Life is sometimes very difficult and extremely stressful. Medical science has now proven that stress is one of the biggest killers in society. Heart attacks, cancer, strokes etc. are all now linked to stress being held in your physical body. Stress is also an inevitable part of daily life, but learning to live with stress in a positive way can actually enhance your life. This track gives you the ability to lessen the effects of stress on a day to day basis and live your life successfully.

Enhancing Sleep
Do you get into bed and start to relax and then suddenly you are tossing and turning thinking about what has gone on through the day or worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Lack of good quality sleep affects every area of your life. This track is designed to relax your mind and body so that sleep becomes natural and easy.

Quit Smoking
Quit Cigarettes - They say that one of the hardest things to do in life is to quit smoking. This track has been specifically designed to help you to quit once and for all easily and without withdrawal symptoms. Our program gets you to set a date for quitting and once that date arrives start listening to this MP3 track EVERY DAY for 30 days for long term success. Go to our “FREE THINGS” section to download a free manual with heaps of tips and techniques to help you to quit easily! We also have practitioners around Australia that run our Quit Cigarettes in One Session Program. Go to for more information and to find a practitioner.

Every day our lives should be filled with a feeling of happiness. Of course you cannot feel euphorically happy ALL of the time, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel happy NEARLY ALL of the time. The feeling of general happiness comes from within. It comes from a contentment and peace with ones self and ones life. Reminding yourself everyday to be happy will make life more pleasurable and fulfilling. Knowing that you deserve to be happy no matter what the prevailing circumstances lifts your mood and drives you to greater success. No matter what the past has held it’s finally time for you to be HAPPY!

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