Category: Phobias & Fear

Freedom from Fear of Bad Breath
Do you always carry breath mints or oral sprays? Do you think your breath is strong enough to scare small children? You are probably mistaken, but if you feel this way it can be a very difficult problem to overcome. Listening to this track will alleviate the incorrect thought process that goes with thinking you have bad breath. You will return to being confident in social situations and know that if you’re oral health routine is diligent you will no longer have a halitosis problem.

Freedom from Fear of Flying
Thank goodness the cancer has now left my body. These are the words you will be using regularly when you purchase this track. There have been many studies that conclude that your attitude towards your cancer has a big effect on the survival rate. Thinking in a manner as if your body is ALREADY free of cancer has shown that it is easier to cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, remission periods of considerably longer and using the power of the mind some cancers can even be completely cured in certain cases. This track is designed to have you return your DNA to it's original healthy state.

Grief & Loss
Life is very difficult when we lose someone or something we care deeply about. Generally we associate grief with the loss of a loved one. Grief and loss can also be for a pet, a marriage, loss of social standing, loss of money etc. This track is designed to let you see your loss in a different and more positive light. Loss is a “normal” part of life and accepting the inevitability of loss makes it easier to move forward.

Release any Fear
This track is written specifically to help you finally get over that fear. Usually in our minds we know that this fear is a totally illogical issue, but there is something just stopping us from letting it go. It may have happened years and years ago and we have grown and developed in many other ways, but we just cannot seem to let this fear go. Improve your life get rid of this fear once and for all - download this track for freedom!

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