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Every day our lives should be filled with a feeling of happiness. Of course you cannot feel euphorically happy ALL of the time, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel happy NEARLY ALL of the time. The feeling of general happiness comes from within. It comes from a contentment and peace with ones self and ones life. Reminding yourself everyday to be happy will make life more pleasurable and fulfilling. Knowing that you deserve to be happy no matter what the prevailing circumstances lifts your mood and drives you to greater success. No matter what the past has held it’s finally time for you to be HAPPY!

Quit Smoking
Quit Cigarettes - They say that one of the hardest things to do in life is to quit smoking. This track has been specifically designed to help you to quit once and for all easily and without withdrawal symptoms. Our program gets you to set a date for quitting and once that date arrives start listening to this MP3 track EVERY DAY for 30 days for long term success. Go to our “FREE THINGS” section to download a free manual with heaps of tips and techniques to help you to quit easily! We also have practitioners around Australia that run our Quit Cigarettes in One Session Program. Go to for more information and to find a practitioner.

Healing Your Relationships
Have you had a falling out with someone who love and care for? It could be a family member, a partner or a long time friend. On occasion we just don’t know how to heal these relationships when they go wrong. If you feel sad at the loss of one of these important relationships you need this track to help you to heal that relationship, be it in a face to face healing or just within yourself to know you did your best to make the relationship work.

Believe in Yourself
Have you ever felt like you just didn’t measure up? Have you often felt like other people have all the luck? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “I’m such a loser”? At certain times in our lives we all feel that way, but occasionally we just cannot push that negative thought from our mind. The more we think this way the more we manifest the feelings of inferiority to others. This track is designed to totally change that way of thinking to instil in you a feeling of self-belief and worthiness. You are able to change this thinking and the more you change this thinking the more goals you will achieve.

Self-Esteem & Motivation
Are you lacking in motivation? Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Do you feel that you are not achieving what you want to achieve? Quite often a low-self-esteem can lead to a feeling of “I’ll never be able to achieve that”, “I’m no good”, “I’m useless”. This track will automatically lift your self-esteem and give you the positive motivation that you need to get up and going.

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