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Binge Eating Stopped
Have you found yourself eating for the sake of eating and not being able to stop? Have you kept on eating even though you know you don’t need or want to eat any more? This is commonly known as “binge eating”. This binge eating can typically occur when you are unsatisfied in life. Quite often it happens after being on a very strict eating routine/diet for a number of days. Usually what happens is you “plan” a binge. You might be going shopping and you plan to eat a muffin, some hot chips, a hamburger etc. This is exciting for the body, but it also takes away an incredible amount of your power. This track will allow you change that pattern once and for all by changing your need and desire to binge eat. If you can see yourself in this type of eater then download this track for lasting success.

This is Positive Mind Management's premier weight loss program. 7 of our most powerful tracks to keep you losing weight no matter what your personal challenges are. Included are tracks 1-7 listed below. This is certainly the best way to buy this powerful program as all 7 tracks are just $34.95. Awareness of your thoughts surrounding food are what will help you to lose weight permanently. Get these positive thinking downloads now.

Self-Esteem & Motivation
Are you lacking in motivation? Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Do you feel that you are not achieving what you want to achieve? Quite often a low-self-esteem can lead to a feeling of “I’ll never be able to achieve that”, “I’m no good”, “I’m useless”. This track will automatically lift your self-esteem and give you the positive motivation that you need to get up and going.

Eat Slowly
Do you find yourself eating way too quickly? Are you finished eating your meal before anyone else is even half finished? Eating too quickly can lead to overeating because your brain does not get the message that you are full until you have eaten too much and then you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Listening to this track on a regular basis will give you the natural ability to slow down your eating and savour every mouthful of your food. Eating slower also can help with weight control as you find that you don’t need to each as much food therefore leading to natural weight loss.

Desire Exercise
We all know that to keep ourselves trim and healthy we need to devote ourselves to some "regular" exercise. This track is designed to get you up and moving. Whether your chosen exercise is going to the gym, walking, cycling or even dancing. This track will get you up and moving.

Slim Me Permanently
To lose weight and keep it off permanently you need to see and think of yourself as a thin person at the desirable weight you want to be. Most people lose weight and then put it back on as part of the yo-yo effects of dieting. They just cannot “believe” that they can be slim permanently, easily and quickly. This track will change your thinking about being a person at your desired weight.

Emotional Eating Stopped
Can you recognise the difference between emotional desire and actual physical need for food? Not likely! Most people eat because of anger, frustration, boredom, loneliness, disappointment or some other attached “emotion”. At this time it can be difficult to distinguish between real physical hunger and unreal emotional triggers for hunger. This powerful hypnosis track will teach you to distinguish these areas quickly and easily. The more you use this track the more the emotional triggers for eating will disappear.

Comfort Eating Stopped
Have you just had a fight with your husband, wife, children or best friend? Are you all alone and feeling sorry for yourself? Comfort eating is what we do through pure force of habit, you just reach for that food when you feel down or low. You usually reach for sugary, nurturing type foods such as chocolate, lollies, cakes, biscuits OR you reach for high fat foods such as cheese, biscuits or even alchol. If you are feeling any of these emotions or feel the need to be comforted in a more beneficial way then listen to our specially written hypnosis track for comfort eating.

See Your Yourself Slim Forever
If you are serious about losing weight then Positive Mind Management's "See Yourself Slim" is a must have powerful hypnosis session. What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you look in the mirror and see an overweight, unhealthy person then you need to change your self-image for permanent weight loss. Using this track every day and our positive thinking techniques will change your self-image and self-esteem. Positive thoughts can “internally” change your self-image and self-esteem to keep you on the track of losing weight. If you buy no other tracks do yourself the benefit of buying this track.

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