Quit Cigarettes Once and For All!

Is it time to finally quit cigarettes once and for all? We have two methods that help you become a permanent non-smoker.


These sessions are specifically designed to address YOUR personal concerns regarding quitting cigarettes. These sessions are usually between 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours. This session will use the power of advanced subconscious mind techniques coupled with NLP. We will also teach you the technique of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to address any anxieties you may have about becoming a non-smoker.

QuitCigarettes-1 By combining these three techniques together we can “change your mind” about how you feel about smoking and you EASILY become a non-smoker without withdrawal symptoms and without having to make difficult changes. We simply remove the “desire” to smoke!. The only change you will need to make is to start your life as a NON-SMOKER!

After the session is complete you will KNOW that you are non-smoker immediately. Most of our smokers are very surprised at how easy it is to become a non-smoker after this session. We also give you support materials and tips and techniques to help support you after the session.

This session is backed by a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE that if you EVER start smoking again we will see you absolutely free of charge until you are permanently a non-smoker.


These small group sessions are held regularly through all states of Australia. This session also addresses the most common concerns that smokers have and is based on our highly successful “Quit Cigarettes in One Session” private consultations.These sessions are designed so that the first part of the program is in a group setting.


This session usually lasts approximately 2 hours depending on how many questions the participants have. We teach you EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to immediately remove the desire for cigarettes. Within a few days of your group session you will be scheduled for your PRIVATE session with Di West. By combining the group and private sessions your success rate is as good as our individual sessions.

You receive the same back up tools as our private consultations. Our experience has been that these sessions run at over a 92% success rate when used in conjunction of our backup tools for 30 days AFTER the session.

Both sessions are back by a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE that if you EVER start smoking again, not matter how long after your session, we will see you again absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.