The majority of our services are offered on a face to face personal basis and include Clinical Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and the Goulding Sleeptalk™ Process.

Many clients have been seeing traditional counselling and psychiatry services for months on end, but not REALLY seeing any significant results. They are on medications that are affecting other areas of their lives and know that they need to do something to improve their situation.

By getting to the root issue of why our clients have problems and then releasing the emotional hurt associated with that problem most clients make significant advancement in just 3-5 sessions. Nearly all problems start way back in our childhood and yes – we probably should build a bridge and get over it – but quite frankly it’s not that easy. Our physical cells and physical body actually stores the emotion attached to that problem until we release it.

When we have a lovely memory or recollection of an event that made us feel warm and tingly our body signals that to us with a feeling of happiness and eurphoria. This is a memory of happiness that is stored deep within our cells. Conversly, if we have a memory about something that wasn’t so pleasant – even though it happened many years ago – we feel all cold and clammy and it tends to make us feel upset or churned up. This is exactly the same thing – it is a trapped emotion and must be released. NLP, EFT and hypnotherapy can do this quite easily.

Most of our sessions are actually done with your eyes open and in full conscious awareness. Occasionally, we will ask you to relax and lie back and close your eyes so you can listen and concentrate fully on what is being released. You are still in full conscious awareness at all times and totally in control of yourself and what is happening around you.

You have nothing to lose and I am so sure that you will feel some difference at the end of your first session that I am willing to do that session absolutely free of charge if you don’t feel a difference.