Inner Peace!

I worked with a client on 20th June for various issues and...

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VGB Success!

I have a client who is 8 weeks into her Virtual Gastric...

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No More Bingeing!

This is an email I recently received from a client. ā€œSā€ was...

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Non-smoker now for 2 Years

Hi Di, just wanted to write you a testimonial for your website....

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7 year old reduces stuttering!

Sleeptalk for Children Parent Testimonial. Recently I travelled to northern Western Australia...

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Sleeping Better and Less Stressed

This client was a corporate high flyer, who was only 21 years...

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Amazing Results!

Client uses EFT themselves with great results! I was introduced to EFT many...

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Beating Sugar Desire

Here is a testimonial we recently received from Denise. Hi Di, I came...

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Sleeping Problem!

We received this wonderful testimonial from one of our clients regarding her...

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Recent Blog Posts

Emotional Baggage! What is it? Do you have it?

    The concept of a Trapped Emotion can be strange if you've never heard of it before, especially if you're not familiar with energy work. But I think the...

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Champix Yes or No?

Many of my quit cigarettes clients have tried Champix and have had terrible side affects and STILL haven't quit cigarettes. Please be aware of what this powerful...

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